Jetta Midyett, 32, formerly of Lenox, has signed a waiver of extradition to Dent County on child abduction warrants issued by Dent County authorities in May 2009, according to a Kansas prosecuting attorney.

Midyett is being held in the Meade County, Kansas jail since her arrest there earlier this month. She has been charged with two counts of felony aggravated interference with parental custody.

Midyett, mother of Oliver, 7, and Wilman, 10, Midyett is accused of abducting her boys and keeping the children on the run since May 2009. Their father, Jason Midyett of Salem, has legal custody.

The Meade County Sheriff’s Department located and arrested Midyett, also known as Rachel Ellis, earlier this month.

“She signed the waiver form Monday,” said Meade County Prosecuting Attorney Laura Lewis. “When the cases here are finished, she will be extradited to Dent County.”

Lewis did not know when the cases against Jetta Midyett in Kansas would be completed since it is a “unique case.”

Dent County law enforcement officials will be picking her up and bringing her to Missouri, said Dent County Prosecuting Attorney Sid Pearson. Pearson said this morning (Tuesday) that he just received a copy of the signed extradition form.

Midyett is being held in the Meade County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

If she was to meet that, there are warrants for her from Dent County and a federal warrant issued out of Wyoming she would have to meet, Lewis said.

Lewis said a docket hearing was held Sept. 10 in Kansas for Midyett and her companion, Roy Neal Ellis. Ellis is charged with two counts of felony aggravated interference with parental custody.

Lewis said the cases were continued to a date to be determined at the request of Midyett’s attorney, Steve Colt, Garden View, Kansas, and Ellis’ attorney, Russell Hasselbank of Plains, Kansas.

Ellis has been released from jail after posting a $10,000 bond, according to Kansas court records and Meade County Sheriff Mark Miller.

Conditions for Ellis and Jetta Midyett set by the judge include not leaving Kansas and supervised contact with their son, Roy Ellis, seven months old, through St. Francis Community Services, a Kansas children and family social services provider. They are also prohibited from possessing illegal drugs and contacting each other, and are subject to random drug testing.

Jetta Midyett and her sons have been missing since 2009. At that time they were living in Dent County. Jetta and her former husband, Jason Midyett, were in a divorce and custody battle. Jason Midyett was awarded custody of both boys, while Jetta Midyett was given visitation rights in the divorce decree.

She was ordered by the court to turn the children over to her ex-husband in late May 2009 at the Dent County Courthouse. She did not show up, and Jason Midyett began a national search for her and his sons.