Utility bills covering Feb. 8-May 15 have been processed and mailed, according to a City of Salem press release sent 3 p.m. Saturday. The board of aldermen unanimously voted to approve the 97-day catch-up bill at its regular meeting May 17. The bill was scheduled to come out the first week of June.

The City of Salem earlier sent a letter detailing what payment options are available, according to city administrator Ray Walden. Utility account holders may either pay the bill in full or make payment arrangements.

Account holders who have no current balance due on bills they have received and who choose to pay this bill in full will receive a 5% discount.

Account holders will need to either pay or make payment arrangements by July 1 in order to avoid service interruptions, according to Walden. The board voted to resume service interruption for lack of payment during their regular May 3 meeting.

The next bill after this one is scheduled for the first week of July and will reflect a normal 30-day billing cycle covering consumption from May 15-June 15. Going forward that will be the pattern; utility bills will be delivered the first week of the month covering usage from the 15th of two months prior month to the 15th of the prior month.

For anyone who may have trouble paying their bill there are resources available that can help.

Sherry Lea with Healthy Dent County pointed out during the April 26 meeting of the Salem utility committee that there are a number of utility assistance programs available in the community.

• South Center Community Action Agency

Sarah Arnett

1405 S. Wines (Head Start building)

(573) 729-3500 ext. 10

• Catholic Charities

Angelia Murphey

(573) 323-4044 (Make sure to say you are from Dent County)

(417) 522-5940 (cell)

• The Salvation Army Dent County Service Unit

Sherry Lea or Lacey Walker

1200 W. Rolla Road (Salem Community Center @ the Armory)

To make it easy for anyone needing assistance, all three agencies will be in one location to offer assistance, the Salem Community Center @ the Armory, 1200 W. Rolla Road, every Tuesday in June from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Bring proof of everyone in your household (SS cards, DFS list, etc.), proof of income and City of Salem Utility bill.