Personnel Info

The Salem News staff

Phone 573-729-4126


Donald Dodd purchased The Salem News in July 1998. He has been with the newspaper since 1996. E-mail:

Assistant to the Publisher

Felicia Dodd coordinates special projects. E-mail:

Sales Staff

Advertising manager Karen Barred retired recently, beginning with the business in 1978. 

Donna Purcell has been here since 1979. E-mail:

Pam Hanger joined The Salem News in September of 2010. E-mail:

Classified Advertising

For classified information contact Sheena Turner. E-mail:


For circulation information contact Catherine Wynn. E-mail:

Accounts Receivable, Commercial Printing

Tina Jones, another longtime employee, has been with The Salem News since 1980. She handles bookkeeping, including accounts receivable. She also manages commercial printing orders and billing. E-mail:

News Department

Staff writer is Craig Montgomery. Salem High School senior Malia Terrill serves as the Vickery Intern. E-mails:;

Design and Production

Designing ads, commercial printing jobs and preparing everything for a run on the presses is the responsibility of this department. Julie Brooks is the graphic artist with assistance from Stefanie Van Wyk. E-mail:;

Bonnie Welch is a graphic artist in commercial printing. E-mail:  


Mike Parrett, with 25 years printing experience, has been an employee since 2000 and is pressman for sheet-fed commercial printing.

Real Estate


Countless activities, events and occasions have been postponed or cancelled amidst the global pandemic. A few months ago, I would bet most of us had never uttered the words, “social distancing,” or “shelter at home.” Our world seems to be returning to a semi-normal state, as events are start…

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