Commission Report

There was a lively discussion Monday in the regular meeting of the county commission regarding concerns that a landowner on County Road 4128 brought to the board about actions of a neighbor who has placed a gate across the road.

The gate blocks access to property located further down that dead end road.

No definitive action was settled on, however, according to Dent County Presiding Commissioner Skiles, “If we’ve been maintaining that road and receiving CART tax for it, then it’s a county road.”

Meaning that no gate can block that roadway. The commission will be looking at potential ways to resolve the issue.

Also at the meeting:

• District One Commissioner Wes Mobray reported that crews will grade county roads 5615, 6665, 6670, rock was hauled to 6670, and brush cut along 5550 and 5600. Mobray also said, “The FLAP projects are coming along nicely.” That’s the Cooley bridge project, Tan Vat Hill project.

• District Two Commissioner Gary Larson reported that crews will grade 3140, 2370, 2200 and 2210, material was hauled to 3140 and 2200 and brush cut along 2350. Weather permitting, Larson said that he would have a man going to Springfield to get chip and seal.

• Skiles reported that Anderson and Associates has begun working on the courthouse evaluation, assessing the necessary work that the needs to be done. Skiles also reported that he will probably going to Jefferson City on Wednesday for a County Commissioners Association Meeting.

• Economic Development Director Sally Burbridge gave her report, the key takeaway being that several possible businesses that considered setting up operations in Dent County opted not to. However, despite that, Dent County still remains on a positive trend of decreased unemployment at 4.1% compared to the April 2020 unemployment peak of 7.5%. Also, the civilian labor force in Dent continues to rise, with 6,449 workers as of March 2021, compared to the 6,025 in May 2020.

• County Clerk Angie Curley reported that by Missouri Statute the election authority has to do a voter registration canvas. “That means every voter will be receiving a voter registration card,” said Curley. “It is a blue postcard-sized voter registration ID,” she said. If any details need to updated, voters can call or come by the Dent County Clerk’s office. If everything is correct, voters keep it as is.

• The commission also resolved bids for culvert and grader blade bids. They opted to go with the cheapest of each set of bids. They accepted a $31,204 bid for culverts from Viebrock Sales and Services LLC. in Sedalia and a $9,350 bid for grader blades.