Dent County Health Center partnered with Salem Memorial District Hospital, Missouri National Guard, Jordan Valley Community Health Center and the State Emergency Service Agency at the Dent County Commons Thursday and Friday to administer 1,800 vaccines in a massive drive-thru vaccination event. The high temperature on both days was under 20 degrees.

Cars made their way through vaccination lines to allow healthcare professionals to administer the Moderna vaccine.

“I would definitely say that the event was a success, and that it ran smoothly,” said Kendra Mobray, Dent County Health Center administrator.

Preparation areas were inside Dent County Commons building.

“We are fortunate to have the vaccine in Dent County,” she said. “We thought we were going to have the Pfizer vaccine, but we found out a couple days before that we would have the Moderna, which is why we had to shift the dates of the second vaccination.”

An identical event will be held March 11-12 to administer the necessary follow-up doses of the vaccine to those vaccinated this week.

Among those vaccinated was a 101-year-old woman. As a part of Missouri Phase 1B Tier 2, vaccinations administered at this time are for high-risk individuals, that is people 65 and older or those with pre-existing conditions.