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The Oak Hill R-I Board of Education met Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Members present were Amanda Dooley, Nathan Ragsdale, Nikki Eaton, and Sarah Hoffman. Natalie Stevens was absent. Superintendent Aibeen Holland and assistant superintendent Luann Jadwin were present. Nikki Eaton took minutes. Visitors present were Maria Jessen, Ambyr King, Jenny Connell, Stephanie Williams, Ryan Williams, Michael Holland, Michael Connors, Brenda Ragsdale, Crystal Black, Sheena Terrill, Marvin Ragsdale and Mary Ann Williams.

During closed session, by a unanimous vote with Natalie Stevens absent, the board approved the following motions:

• The resignations of Alisa Brookshire and Janelle Moore—Kimberly Thompson will finish the school year as the district’s preschool teacher.

• The approval of Cathy Tucker’s hire as a substitute teacher and Paige Aguilar as a paraprofessional.

• The approval of cash reports for December 202 - no action need.

• The approval of payment of January 2022 bills and February 2022 payroll.

• The acceptance of the Guidance and Counseling Program Evaluation after Maria Jessen provided an overview of the program.

• Discussion about the math textbook was tabled.

• The approval of presented COVID-19 mitigation strategies

• Luann Jadwin presented an update on ESSER II funds spending and the current status of building renovation—no action was needed.

• Jadwin presented an apology letter to superintendent Holland from the Community Teacher Association for excluding her in the school survey.

• The board approved setting the eighth grade graduation for May 10.

• Holland presented a preliminary school calendar for the 2022-2023 school year. No action needed at this time.

• Discussion about establishing a chain of command was tabled.

• Discussion about the use of personal sick days was tabled.

• The board approved revision of the current paid COVID-19 leave policy from 10 days to five days.