It’s one thing for nonprofits and churches to have compassion and drive to begin or continue a good work, but a question lingers. Is this the best way to go about helping others in need? This is the theme of the Foundations Workshop: Seven Marks of Effective Compassion. The workshop is scheduled for 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Feb. 24 at Salem Community Center @ the Armory. Lunch will be provided for attendees.

The goal of the workshop is to spend a day focusing on how to turn vision into measurable results in order for churches and other non-profits to more effectively fight poverty and help people in need. The idea is for attendees of the workshop to come out of the event understanding how to help those in poverty without creating dependency, how to make the work more personal and less transactional and how other communities are collaborating to fight poverty.

The event is the result of a partnership between Healthy Dent County, City of Salem, True Charity, Salem Full Gospel Church and Salem United Methodist Church.

To register, call healthy Dent County at (573) 729-8163.