The first day of the regular session has commenced and has done so clothed in tradition. The House sent letters both to the Senate and the governor to signify we are ready for the People's business. Afterwards, by custom, the House heeds the words of the Bill of Rights from our U.S. Constitution. This memorial serves as a witness to protect your rights and to limit the scope of government. This must be the best thought to have in mind while legislating with your authority.

It's interesting to note that the U.S. Constitution and the Missouri Constitution have many similarities, especially in the realm of proclaiming liberty. Both offer a Bill of Rights to assure guaranteed Freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and petition. The right to bear arms and formulation of militia are declared. The protection of property and privacy, as well as our use and restraint of the court system are warranted. Also, the Missouri Constitution states the famed theme from the Declaration of Independence, "that all persons have the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the enjoyment of the gains of their own industry; that all persons are created equal and are entitled to equal rights an opportunity under the law; that to give security to these things is the principal office of government, and when government does not confer this security, it fails in its chief design."--Article 1, Section 2

Now, the General Assembly is off to perform our three constitutional mandates: convene to listen to the State of the State, the State of the Judiciary, as well as to develop and pass a balanced budget. In the People’s House, let us not squander your entrusted authority, but let us exercise proper and prudent government this session.

"Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet–lest we forget."--Inscription found inside the Missouri State Capitol

"We, the people of Missouri, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness, do establish this constitution for the better government of the state."--Preamble to the Missouri Constitution.