R-80 school board

Brad Wegman from L.J. Hart gave a presentation regarding refinancing bonds during the Oct, 15 meeting of the Salem R-80 School Board.

Following the presentation and discussion, a motion passed 6-0 to authorize the issuance and sale of Series 2020 general obligation refunding bonds with L.J. Hart & Company.

In new business, a motion to name the football stadium at the high school Bill Schuchardt Stadium passed 6-0. A motion to increase the daily substitute pay to $100 a day passed 6-0. A motion to approve the current MSBA policy updates with the exception of policy DJF passed 6-0.

In closed session, superintendent Lynne Reed discussed the job description for the position replacing the school resource officer. The board discussed the superintendent evaluation process.

In Reed’s report, she said the September membership count was 1,341 for K-12. She also gave a tax credit update and said she will be making visits to various businesses in town to discuss the tax credit. Reed also discussed a presentation she made to the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and went over COVID-19 information.

In principals’ reports:

• students of the month at the high school were Crystal Underwood and Easton May. Sixty-three students are currently attending completely virtual, with 50 of them having all As and Bs. Forty-two students attend four days a week due to either learning needs or internet needs. On the fifth day they attend at the library if there is not space in their assigned classrooms. Currently, 144 students, or 24%, have perfect attendance.

• current enrollment is 260 at the middle school. The school recently purchased wireless microphones and USB cameras. Students of the Month are Bailey Stewart, Kylie Broach and Preston McFarland.

• At the upper elementary, 38 students are learning virtually. September Students of the Month are second grade-Ryder Duncan, Tayah Terrill, Hunter Snyder, Kalena Parks, Dash Gollaher, Eavie Wynn, Liam Light, and Elizabeth Stokes; third grade- Chance Brown, Kenzie Crocker, Kingston Crockett, Josiah Frederickson, Ava Shaw, Aleeah Burwell, Eva Schlag and Timber Goodson; fourth grade-Riley Harris, Caleb Cortes, Savannah Whitlock, Madyson Perkins, Tori Huffmaster, Isaiah Shepherd, Paradyce Stringer, and Jaedyn Amonette; fifth grade-Aubree Grauf, Colton Mink, Tyler Beck, McKinlee White, Emma Schlag, Daviv Lo, Brooklyn Letchworth, and Wilson Giacomelli. Picture Retake Day will be today (Tuesday). Parent/Teacher conferences will take place the week of Oct. 26. Teachers have been given options of in person, Zoom, phone or any other alternative method of getting in contact for conferences this year. The school will hold a Virtual Night for students that are attending school virtually through Accelus 6 p.m.-7 p.m. Thursday. Red Ribbon Week will be the week of Oct. 26. A crosswalk has been painted that most parents and students are using morning and evening. Directional arrows will be painted in the parking lot and front circle. The school has also added a stop/slow sign at the crosswalk to allow people to cross and traffic to stop.

• At William Lynch Elementary, tornado, fire and intruder drills were held. As of the meeting, the school successfully returned all classes from quarantine. Since the last report, William Lynch had a first grade class and two preschool classes that were placed on quarantine by the health department.