Commission Report

The Dent County Commission met at the courthouse Monday for its weekly meeting. The discussion centered on the 2021 county budget approval. According to County Clerk Angie Curley, the commission will have the 2021 Budget Hearing for approval 10 a.m. Jan. 25.

Presiding Commissioner Darrell Skiles said, “We can’t pay any of our bills except for payroll until be get the budget approved.” The county commission will meet this Thursday to discuss the budget.

Other News

• The Commission presented a placard to retired District Two Commissioner Dennis Purcell in honor of his 12 years of service to the county.

• District One Commissioner Wes Mobray reported that his crews were out checking all the roads in his district, taking care of clogged pipes as well as removing a tree that fell across County Road 5530.

• District Two Commissioner Gary Larson reported that two of his crew came in to remove a tree that had fallen over one of the county roads in his district. They have also replaced some signage at a low-water crossing near boss as well as checking all the roads in his district and seeing to clogged pipes.

• Presiding Commissioner Darrell Skiles reported that approximately $3,800 that ordinarily comes in from the Missouri Department of Conservation every year has been delayed due to a house bill passed last year. He said the money should still come through, but is awaiting proper authorization.

Economic Development Director Sally Burbridge gave her monthly report for December:

• Business licenses filed with the City of Salem as of Dec. 5 to Roper Quality Metal Services, Mid Missouri Community (name not yet finalized), Paul and Carol Keilholz Bailbondsman, The Saucy Chook (liquor license filed Dec. 2) and Hardrock Ltd. New contractors licenses as of Dec. 3 included All Type Plumbing, Armer Roofing & Construction and Cherokee Rentals & Properties. Some of which have since opened, like the Saucy Chook on Fourth St.

• Discussed the upcoming City of Salem/Dent County/Salem Chamber of Commerce joint website. The site is not yet live and the exact date of launch is still pending; however, page administrator training is scheduled for this Friday via Zoom.

• The re-branding effort that the city is undergoing is advancing, including approval to replace the old welcome signs along the major entrances into Salem.