Filings continue through March 31 for the Aug. 4 primary election. Candidates began filing Feb. 25.

No one has filed for Surveyor at this time, according to Dent County Clerk Angie Curley. Candidates are listed in the order that they filed.

Incumbent first district commissioner Dennis Purcell has indicated he will not seek re-election. Current State Representative in District 143, Jeff Pogue, has reached his term limit. 

First District Commissioner

J.T. Fleener (Republican)

Wes Mobray (Republican)

Larry Lundy (Democrat)

Phillip Mercer (Republican)

Justin Headrick (Republican)

Second District Commissioner

Gary Larson (Republican)

Jimmy Williams (Republican)

Travis Fulton (Republican)

Jim Martin (Republican)

Kourt Gustav Tiefenthaler (Libertarian)

Tom Welch (Democrat)

Dent County Sheriff

Bob Wells (Republican)

State Representative – District 143

Jaret Holden (Birch Tree, Republican)

Jack Bates (Thayer, Republican)

William R. Parsons (Salem, Republican)

Ron Copeland (Salem, Republican)

Frank DeVenuto (Salem, Republican)

Circuit Judge – Circuit 42, Division 2

Stephen K. Paulus (Cuba, Republican)

Mike Randazzo (Bismarck, Republican)

Brandi L. Baird (Salem, Republican)

Kristopher D. Crews (Steelville, Republican)

U.S. Representative – District 8

Jason Smith (Republican)

Kathy Ellis (Democrat)

Tom Schmitz (Libertarian)


Benjamin Pursifull (Republican)


Jamie L. Homeyer (Republican)

Alisa Brookshire (Republican)

Public Administrator

Sherida Cook (Republican)

Larry W. Edwards (Republican)

Committee Members

Spring Creek East

Jamie L. Homeyer (Republican)

Mike Homeyer (Republican)


Tyler McConnell (Democrat)

Kourt Gustav Tiefenthaler (Libertarian)


Brenda Jessen (Democrat)

Kenneth Jessen (Democrat)

Spring Creek West

William Loughridge (Republican)

Sarah Loughridge (Republican)


Kathleen Borg (Democrat)

Paul Hagler, Jr. (Democrat)


Keith Fore (Democrat)

Debbie Fore (Democrat)


Eugenia Ritsch (Republican)

Neil Ritsch (Republican)

Additional statewide office filings can be found at the Missouri Secretary of State website.