As the April 7, 2020 election was postponed by Governor Mike Parson’s Executive Order 20-03 to June 2, current board members remained in office, according to Dent County Clerk Angie Curley.

During the rescheduled June 2 municipal election, City of Salem voters will select a west and east ward alderman, along with a mayor in the city.

Candidates for East Ward alderman are incumbent Kim Steelman, Carl R. Plank, and Jerry (Jay) Gibbs, Jr.; West Ward alderman, Greg Parker and Joshua D. Gordon; and mayor, incumbent Brad Nash. West Ward Alderman Kenneth Nash did not seek re-election.


Three seats are available on each school board.

Oak Hill R-I

Six have filed for the board including Michael Connors, Jonathan Hoffman, Sarah Hoffman, Nikki Eaton, Allison Parks and Duane Blackwell.

Green Forest R-II

No election is needed for the district as three filed for the seats, including Jason Jones, Amber Toman and Kyle Case.

Dent Phelps R-III

Six have filed for the board, including Dana Gorman, Mike Radford, Bill Manthey (Incumbent), Brandon Schloemer, Caleb Gidcumb and Nick Gover.

In addition, the Dent-Phelps R-III School Board accepted applications to fill a vacant seat on the school board. The applicant chosen will fill the position until the April 2021 election. The school board will appoint to fill the position to begin serving the district at the February board meeting.

North Wood R-IV

Five have filed for the board, including Aaron Brooks (Incumbent), Milton (Clay) Lindsay Jr., Jenna Dunn (Incumbent), Robert Hemmann and David Massengale.

Salem R-80

Five have filed for the board including Andrew Wynn, Larry Maxwell (Incumbent), Holly Erway (Incumbent), Michael Pettus and Amanda Walker.

Bunker R-III

No election is needed for the district as three filed for the seats, including Allen Ritter, Flint Ritter and Jason Davis.

• Salem Memorial District Hospital filled an unexpired three-year term in district four, Willie Strader; and a six-year term in district one, Judy Thompson.

• The Dent County Health Center filled two board positions, Kimberly L. Smith and Sandra Headrick.

• Timber Community Fire Protection District Board filled three positions, including Todd Hamilton, Samantha Thomlinson and Shena Terrill.

• Montauk Fire Protection District will not only elect members of the board, but also has a tax on the ballot for the district.

A yes or no question: Shall there be a tax of 30 cents on each one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the Montauk Fire Protection District?

The Montauk Fire Protection District board is comprised of five members. Five are listed on the ballot, including Gregg Mendenhall, Patti Caraway, Bill Ard, David Borg and Jereme Patton. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will serve for six years, second and third place for four years, and fourth and fifth place for two years.

• The City of Bunker will elect an alderman for one, two-year term, from candidates Tricia Rowland, James McClanahan and Thomas Case.

Only one candidate filed for mayor, Gary Conway Jr., and one for collector, Nancy Amaral.