An investigation has been opened into the Tuesday discovery of two people found dead at the Dent County Commons, according to Sheriff Bob Wells and Dent County Coroner Gina White's Office.

Wells and White reported to The Salem News on Wednesday that staff at the Dent County Commons located a RV Tuesday with a hose connecting its tailpipe to the interior of the vehicle. The body of a deceased male occupant was subsequently found inside with a suicide note nearby. While investigating the scene the body of a deceased female was found wrapped up in bedding. Wells and White said she appeared to have been dead for several weeks longer than the male.

Wells and White said the RV arrived at the Dent County Commons Monday evening and was on the property less than 24 hours before the deaths were discovered. White said autopsies for both individuals are currently scheduled for Thursday at the Boone County Medical Examiner’s Office in Columbia.

Wells said the two deceased are originally from out of state. He said their identities are not currently being released due to the next of kin for one of the individuals having not yet been located.

The incident is now under investigation by the Dent County Sheriff’s Office and Dent County Coroner’s Office. More information will be reported as details are confirmed.