MDC Feral hog

Ongoing feral hog trapping efforts by the Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership are reducing the number of these troublesome creatures in Missouri. Landowner cooperation has been a key factor in feral hog removal across the state.

MU Extension Feral Hog Educator Kevin Crider visited the Phelps County Commission on March 3 advocating for continued interagency efforts to eradicate Missouri’s feral hog population, including the current policy of not allowing hog sport hunting on public lands.

“What's more important, is it sport hunting hogs or the livelihood of people running cattle operations,” Crider said to the commission. “That's really the nuts and bolts of what this is about. I think if we're really being realistic and logical about our approach to this, we have to say the ranchers making a living on raising cattle are more important than those sport hunting hogs.”