Commission Report

The Dent County Commission met Monday at Dent County Courthouse.

Presiding Commissioner Darrell Skiles, after speaking with Dent County Treasurer Denita Williams, on Monday during the meeting, learned some sales tax funds received from the state, will need to be paid back.

“An entity was paying their sales tax. When submitting it to the state, coding was wrong and it got credited to the county, and so we received that money, over several months or years,” Skiles said. “The county is responsible for the money going back,” he said. “In total, it’s more than a million dollars.

The county will be paying that money back with the sales tax that ordinarily would be collected for Dent County’s budget, meaning that it could be several months before the county actually has a sales tax income. Skiles says that it will likely be April before any sales tax will go into county coffers. “Once May comes around, it’ll be closer to our full sales tax payment,” he said. “There’s nothing anybody in the county did wrong, and it’s a very difficult thing to track and see, but we’ve been getting this sales tax that should have been going to another county.”

Skiles says that he’s glad that the county maintains the funds that they do or they would be in a much worse shape. “We always say we maintain them for disasters. This isn’t a disaster, but it certainly is a huge unexpected expense we’re hit with and that’s why we’re very lucky that we’re in the place we are. We’ll deal with it. It’ll just kind of make us cut back a little bit and reduce the fund balances at the end of this year from what they would have been,” he said. Skiles said that they are still investigating the full extent, impact and source of this large error.

Also at the meeting:

District One Commissioner Wes Mobray reported that he has crews out checking for wind damage in his district, as well as servicing truck 121 and tractor number eight.

District Two Commissioner Gary Larson reported that he has four of their trucks in the shop for maintenance. Crews are out checking roads. Larson was set to attend the Tourism Board meeting Monday. He, along with Presiding Commissioner Darrell Skiles, plan to attend the Industrial Development Authority meeting Wednesday.

Skiles reported that he has been attending the Transportation Authority Advisory Committee meetings and that there are changes coming to the BRO (Bridge Replacement Off-system) program. Skiles also reported that he attended MRPC External Relations Committee meeting and they worked on putting together the annual event in Linn. On Wednesday, he will be in Jefferson City to attend a Legislative Committee Meeting and the Missouri Association of Counties (MAC). He hopes to make it back in time to attend the IDA meeting.

County Clerk Angie Curley reported that absentee voting begins today (Tuesday) for the April 6 election. The last day to register to vote is March 10.