Deputies get awards for bravery

Sheriff Bob Wells presented awards to deputies Crystal Hayes Drew Smith Friday afternoon as Major Len Pabin read the following letter from the Sheriff:

“In the early evening hours of May 6, 2021, you and your partner, Deputy Crystal Hayes, went to serve an active Felony Arrest Warrant at the trailer of a known sex offender. You were met by a female resident who informed you the suspect was in the back bedroom. While walking down the hallway of the trailer to the back bedroom, the suspect suddenly appeared in the back bedroom doorway. The suspect stated he was going to kill himself or force deputies to kill him and then fired his handgun.

“You and Deputy Smith took cover in the kitchen. While you and Deputy Smith then tried to talk the suspect into giving up, he refused and then fired several shots through the wall of the bedroom into the trailer. You and Deputy Smith conducted a tactical withdrawal from the trailer, got the female and infant child to safety and took up a defensive position until other units arrived. In short, you remained cool under fire, followed sound tactics and protected the life of the woman and her child.

“Your conduct is in keeping with the highest standards of law enforcement and reflects great credit on you, the Dent County Sheriff's Office and law enforcement officers everywhere.”