Band Wild West

The Salem Marching Blue will bring the Wild West to you in an "Outlaw" show this season with the first showing Friday at the home opener football game.

On the run from the law? Looking for trains to rob? As the football season kicks off, Salem brings another form of competition to the field as well. That’s right! Marching season is well underway, and the Salem Marching Blue is going to be bringing the Wild West to you with the 2019 show titled “Outlaw.” With elements from the classic “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly,” as well as a few Civil War Era songs, the show is sure to give you chills.

Under the direction of David Schatz and Scott Frederickson, the Salem Marching Blue has been hard at work perfecting every aspect of the show. Starting at 7:30 a.m. every day before school, as well as working every Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the students give it their all as they bring the show to life.

The music the band will be performing was composed by none other than the director David Schatz himself.

“I’m extremely excited to see just how far this show takes us this year. Mr. Schatz really did an amazing job with writing the music for the show. Not only did he challenge the students musically and visually, but he also made the music fun for me to conduct, which is always a plus,” said Jonithan Gallagher, returning Drum Major. “You can literally feel the emotion through the music.”

Salem Marching Blue has gone all out with their props and all-around performance these past few years. In 2017, they had a pirate ship, a battle between band and color guard members, the focus mainly being on the duel between Drum Major Nathan Alterauge and Color Guard soloist Marcus Sapaugh, and the loss of the battle between Drum Major Laura Benowitz and Color Guard soloist and Drum Major Kristen Pike. During the 2018 show titled “Volcano,” they had a fully functioning volcano and performed a traditional Polynesian dance known as the “Haka.” This year, the band will have a three-dimensional train prop which will move throughout the show, will include a duel between band and guard members, as well as some very intricately choreographed dances performed by the color guard.

“I love the music so much. It really gets stuck in my head. It feels old time-y and cool, but with a modernized twist,” stated Kaylee Schwartz, first-year member and senior in the Salem Marching Blue.

The Salem Marching Blue will be performing at halftime Sept. 6 at the Salem Tiger Stadium. Be sure to saddle up and strap on your boots, because you’re in for a show! You can catch the rest of the band’s performances on the Salem R-80 Website website.