Jackpot Show

Blake Manthey guides his hog around the arena during the Dent County Jackpot Show held at Dent County Commons.


Dent County Only


Grand Champion- Kolten Stricklan

Reserve Champion- Ray Cunningham


Grand Champion- Landon Cook

Reserve Champion- Isaac Westerman


Grand Champion- Preslie Strader

Reserve Champion- Stetson Mobray


Grand Champion- Brady Schafer

Reserve Champion- Kaden Garrison


Champion-354-Evan Smith

Reserve-303-Thomas Owings

Sr. Showmanship-314-Connor Brown

Jr. Showmanship-393-Makenna Merrifield

Dent County Champ-304-Landon Cook

Dent County Reserve-320-Isaac Westerman

Barton, Griffin; Cameron Allen (first); Stockten Shockley; Lydia Sexton; Evan Smith (first); Keena Lowe (second); Connor Brown; Daylan Pryor (third); Emma Stigall; Kylie Reiner; Keena Lowe


Class One: Annebelle Medlin, first and fourth; Lori Terrill, second; Abbi Terrill, third.

Class Two: Wyatt Medlin, fourth; Brady Schafer, fifth; Riley Summers, third; Mason Brown, first; Addison Brown, second.

Class Three: Brady Schafer, fourth; Kinley Hoehner, third; Adam Rhoades, first; Alexis Hoehner, second.

Class Four: Kelby Moore, second and third; Mason Brown, first

Grand- Mason Brown

Reserve- Connor Brown

Sr. Showmanship- Mason Brown

Jr. Showmanship- Addison Brown


Class Five: Cameron Allen, fifth; Carter Gurley, first; David Smith, sixth; Dally Wiesner, fourth; Aaron Paul, third; Alauna Paul, second

Grand Champion- Carter Gurley

Reserve- Thomas Owing

Sr. Showmanship- Thomas Owing

Jr. Showmanship- Ray Cunningham


Class Eight

Gwen Sprouse, fourth; Isaac White, fifth; Preslie Strader, first; Connor Brown, second; Kennedy Major, third

Class Nine

Kennedy Major, sixth; Bethany Rhoades, fifth; Griffin Barton, second; Hadley Meyer, first; Addison Brown, third; Ashley Reed, seventh; Colton Reed, eighth; Preslie Strader, fourth

Grand Champion- Elsie Barton

Reserve Champion- Hadley Meyer

Sr. Showmanship- Connor Brown

Jr. Showmanship- Addison Brown