BHS Jazz Band

Jazz Band members, front, from left, Kolter Martin, Montana Stacy, Keara Brickey, Kailey Belk, Peyton Tefft, Bethany Nelson, Jaimie Gremard, Kenzie White. Second row, band director Kenneth Cook, Layton Martin, AJ Wisdom, Isaac Strange, Cheyenne Davis, Liz Stolzberg. Third row, Peyton South, Jacob Gordon, Cody Wisdom, Bryan Brawley, Sydney Tefft, Jaylan Williams, Kylee Quick. Back row, Lynn Mast, Wyatt Bishop, Landon Lanham, Jessi Mast.

Kenny Cook, leader of the Bunker Jazz Band received a surprise letter in the mail Oct. 25. James H. Landrum, CW2, AG, associate bandmaster of the United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own” had officially extended an invitation to Cook and the Bunker School Jazz Band to come and work with the Army Blues at Fort Myer in Washington, D.C.

According to Landrum, the professionals in the ranks of the Army Band consider it a special privilege to be able to mentor the next generation of the nation’s musicians, helping them develop not just their musical competencies, but mentoring them in leadership lessons and the expectations of professional conduct—valuable lessons regardless of the professions these students choose down the road. Working with the Blues is an amazing opportunity for music students and faculty.

The Jazz Band will travel by special permission and will be spending four days in Washington, D.C. this spring, beginning March 9, learning and performing alongside the United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own.”

“This is an outstanding honor and the students will benefit not only musically, but will also receive the unique experience of touring Washington, D.C,” Cook said.

Any donations to help the students in this remarkable educational endeavor would be greatly appreciated, and can be sent C/O Bunker Jazz Band, PO Box 365, Hwy. 72 and Eagle Pride Drive, Bunker, MO 63629.