Discovery Camp at the Bonebrake Center of Nature and History was held July 6-8 and 15 kids attended.

Several served as counselors and volunteers for the three-day camp. Other presenters were brought in from as far as Kansas City to share wonderful skills with the kids. Jim Dickerson wowed with a particularly lively program about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Mike Duane had the kids make their own felt from sheep’s wool. Naturalists Kendra Swee from Maramec Springs and Cheri Low from Montauk State Park introduced the kids to vultures and skunks, some of our most unloved and misunderstood creatures. Connie Weber and her crew from Echo Bluff State Park did several activities with nature journaling.

Camp began with the kids using squirt guns filled with dye to decorate tote bags. Later, they made wind chimes using seashells. Always fun is a trip to the spring pond with nets and cane fishing poles. The days were hot, so we spent quite a bit of time with sprayers and squirt guns, staying cool. Another highlight was setting off Diet Coke volcanos. They shoot higher than we are tall! At the end of it all, the kids put on a show for their families. This year, it involved an invisible bench, a skunk in a backpack at school, and…skunk-flavored jellybeans!

Everyone went home tired, but happy.