Art Show Winners

Salem High School finished first in the Alpha Rho Tau District Art Show held the week of April 22-27.  Salem’s Kullen Myers was third place overall and LeighAnn Pope was fifth.  Salem also had 21 ribbon winners. Plaque and ribbon winners included, front, from left, Dylan Seabaugh, Alyssa Russell, Nolan Busbey, Dalton Goes, Alyssa Stotler, MacKenzye Beard; middle row, Heather Maneely, Amy Chen, Isabella Knaack, Kullen Myers, Brock Thompson, Maria Miranda, Rachel Counts, LeighAnn Pope. Back, Luke Bartlett, Kennison Parker, Annabelle Pryor, Rachel Sheffield, Elias Strebe, Kaylee Schwartz, Martina Billiott and Dawson Thompson.

The 2019 High School Art District show/competition was held at Salem High School April 22-27. The eleven schools that participated (in order of placing) included Salem, 291 points; Liberty, 181; Mountain Grove, 120; Cabool, 80; Willow Springs, 78; Hartville, 65; Norwood, 55; Houston, 47; Thayer, 47; Dora, 27; and Winona, 26. Plaques were given to the top three schools.

School points were based on the number of points given for the top five places in each of the 68 categories: First place was 5 points; second, 4; third place, 3; fourth place, 2; and fifth place (Honorable Mention), 1. Art Club officers chose a Student Choice award for each category. These did not earn any points but gave bragging rights to the winning students.

Plaques were given to the top five students who earned the most individual points over-all. Top students (in the order of ranking) were Amy Copen of Liberty, 38 points, Sarah-lyn Wilson, Liberty, 30; Kullen Myers, Salem, 28; Jessie Thielemann, Cabool, 25; and LeighAnn Pope, Salem, 21. Additionally, three students’ art was selected as the “Best of Show” out of the 1,350 pieces submitted to the art show. Andrew Holden of Liberty won Best of Show 2-D for his pencil drawing entitled “Yee Haw.” Ashtyn Kelly of Mountain Grove won Best of Show 3-D for her recycled art sculpture entitled “Short & Stout.” Amy Copen of Liberty won Best of Show Photography for her color still life photograph entitled “Choo Choo.”

Additionally, there were 21 Salem businesses who awarded Community Choice awards, along with cash prizes or gift certificates totalling $1,025, to 41 individual students. Businesses represented were Bank of Salem, Bigos, Cornerstone Chiropractic, Edward Jones, Farmer’s Insurance, Healthy Dent County/Salem Fitness Center, Inman Insurance, McCoy Vision Clinic, Nickels Pottery, Progressive Ozark Bank, Pryority Travel, Salem Arts Council, Salem Middle School Art Club, Salem Public Library, Salem Upper Elementary Art Club, Seay Family, Spring Creek Artisans, State Farm Insurance, The Salem News, Town & Country Bank, and Walmart. We thank our community for their outstanding support!

Salem students won a total of 91 ribbons in the art show.

Individual awards:

Place, Student, Category, Title

1st, Kyra Oby, Mandalas, A Flower Blossoms

1st, Dalton Goes, Watercolor Painting, Jug O'Marbles

1st, Annabelle Pryor, Pencil - Portrait - Female, Jasmine

1st, Kyra Oby, Pencil Animal, Intensity

1st, Scilar Gibbs, Pencil - Landscape, Blast from the Past

1st, Kullen Myers, Fantasy, Waves of Royalty

1st, Daniel Blankenship, Crayon Scratchboard, Like a Rock

1st, Nolan Busbey, Oil Pastel, Five O'Clock Shadow

1st, Marissa Wells-Lee, Mosaic, In the Waves

1st, Alyssa Russell, Calligraphy and Word Art, Difficult Roads

1st, LeighAnn Pope, Commercial Art, Thank You for Your Service

1st, Kullen Myers, Design - B/W, Never Let Go

1st, McKenzie Norfolk, Design - Color, Music from my Soul

1st, Michaela Chilton, Perspective Drawings, Stone Cottage

1st, LeighAnn Pope, Batik, African Beauty

1st, Maria Miranda, Perspective Design, Through Space

1st, Sunshine Hargett-Strouse, Paper Design, Pressed

1st, Isabella Knaack, Amy Chen, Group 2-D, Check Mate

1st, Rachel Counts, 2-D Wild Card, Thrill

1st, Brock Thompson, Pottery - Sculpture, The Roots of Wisdom

1st, LeighAnn Pope, Relief Sculpture, Beautiful Mind

1st, Scilar Gibbs, Clothing Design, Revisiting the 60's

1st, Shawnna Conner, Photo - Color Still Life, Butterfly Landing

1st, Annabelle Pryor, Photo - Color Abstract, Shattered

2nd, Maria Miranda, Mandalas, Kaleidoscope

2nd, Alyssa Stotler, Tempera Painting, Symbolism

2nd, LeighAnn Pope, Pencil - Portrait - Child, Born Country

2nd, Kaylee Schwartz, Pencil - Landscape, Grandpa's Auto Sales

2nd, Lara Stevens, Crayon Scratchboard, African Zebras

2nd, Elias Strebe, Mixed Media Drawing, Barbie World

2nd, Mackenzye Beard, Calligraphy and Word Art, No Limits

2nd, Kullen Myers, Design - Color, Diamond Play

2nd, Kelsey Edwards, Batik, Radiating Sunflower

2nd, Makayla McBride, Perspective Design, The Upside Down

2nd, JayMichael Busbey, Pottery - Sculpture, Armored

2nd, Madeline Keith, Relief Sculpture, Treasured Memories

2nd, Brock Thompson, Wood Sculpture, Wooden Bowl

2nd, Kullen Myers, Clothing Design, Snowflake Surprise

2nd, Alyssa Stotler, Photo - Color Landscape, Rainbow Reflection

2nd, Kaylee Schwartz, Photo - Color Abstract, Rust

2nd, Annabelle Pryor, Photo - Color Animal, Dog Daze

3rd, Caitlyn Roderman, Pencil - Landscape, Laura's Corner

3rd, Shawnna Conner, Pencil - Figure, Shredded Threads

3rd, Maria Miranda, Crayon Scratchboard, Toucan Twosome

3rd, Dalton Goes, Oil Pastel, 'Merica 'n Purple

3rd, Isabella Knaack, Mixed Media Drawing, Dragonfly

3rd, Scilar Gibbs, Charcoal - White, Autumn Daze

3rd, Kullen Myers, Commercial Art, Civic Theater Sketches

3rd, Kullen Myers, Design - B/W, Where the Heavens Meet the Earth

3rd, Dalton Goes, Perspective Drawings, KSMO Radio

3rd, Brooklin Shelton, Batik, By the Firelight

3rd, Hugh Plumley, Wood Sculpture, Jolly Ol' Boy

3rd, Salem Group, 3-D Wild Card, Silly Monsters

3rd, Kaylee Schwartz, Fibers, Ironically Happy

3rd, Kaylee Schwartz, Photo - BW Portrait, Kinslee

3rd, McKenzie Norfolk, Photo - Color Abstract, Strings

4th, Scilar Gibbs, Oil Painting, Color Among the Darkness

4th, Makaela Fisk, Tempera Painting, Gone Fishin'

4th, Madeline Keith, Mixed Media Painting, Sightseeing

4th, Malia Terrill, Pencil Animal, Eye of Wisdom

4th, Brooklin Shelton, Pencil - Landscape, Cee Bee's Drive-In

4th, Luke Bartlett, Pencil - Still Life/Automobile, Drawing with Sole

4th, Makaela Fisk, Pencil - Figure, In the Ripples of Time

4th, Dylan Seabaugh, Crayon Scratchboard, Zelda

4th, LeighAnn Pope, Chalk Pastel, Still Life on my Table

4th, Kullen Myers, Printmaking, Patterns in the Sea

4th, Kullen Myers, Commercial Art, The Greatest Show on Earth

4th, Martina Billiot, Digital Art, Micha

4th, Elias Strebe, Perspective Drawings, Old Sinclair Station

4th, Dalton Goes, Batik, Danger in the Distance

4th, Rachel Sheffield, Perspective Design, Sound Waves

4th, Kayden Ryan, Pottery - Hand-Built Vessel, Africa

4th, Brock Thompson, Pottery - Wheel Thrown, Blue Cereal Bowl

4th, Jaycie Hagler, Jewelry, Earth

4th, Hannah Shepherd, Fibers, On the Farm

4th, Rachel Counts, Photo - BW Abstract, The Aftermath

HM, Liberty Pierce, Pencil - Portrait - Male, Brady

HM, Brooke Scott, Pencil Animal, Leather-Worn

HM, Kayden Ryan, Pencil - Figure, A Path to my Future

HM, Stephaine Webber, Pencil - Figure, A Little Rip in my Jeans

HM, Macey Jarrett, Crayon Scratchboard, African Giraffe

HM, Isabella Knaack, Mixed Media Drawing, Dreams Come to Life

HM, Annabelle Pryor, Design - Color, Fall Vibes

HM, Nolan Busbey, Perspective Drawings, Montauk Mill Festivities

HM, Michaela Chilton, Batik, Family

HM, Tiffiny Amos, Perspective Design, Game Time

4th, Isabella Knaack, Amy Chen, Heather Maneely, Group 2-D, Pop Art Bunnies

HM, Art III Students, Group 2-D, Ozark Cultural Calendar

HM, Maria Miranda, Pottery - Hand-Built Vessel, Maroon Roses

HM, Brock Thompson, Pottery - Sculpture, Mr. T

HM, Dawson Thompson, Pottery - Sculpture, A Serpent's Child

HM, JayMichael Busbey, Relief Sculpture, Holding on to Life

HM, Jordan Bunton, Sculpture - Misc, Fox Trot