A low water crossing in the Second District has been completed as work gets underway this week on a similar crossing in the First District, commissioners said Monday.

Second District commissioner Gary Larson reported last week that a crew would be working on the low water crossing on county road 4480 and said it will be closed for a few days. He confirmed Monday that the work has been completed.

First District commissioner Dennis Purcell said work began Monday on a low water crossing on county road 6580. Portions of the road will remain closed until next Monday. Concrete was expected to be poured today. Neighbors have been notified of the work, he said.

Purcell also reported that grading and ditch work was planned Monday on county road 5480 with brush cutting on 2400.

Larson said second district crews would be cutting brush on county road 4480, installing a pipe on 2510 and hauling material to that road. A starter is being replaced on loader No. 3. Chip and seal repairs are expected to begin Wednesday after more oil is purchased for that project.

In his report, presiding commissioner Darrell Skiles commended extension associate Linda Shelton, the Salem FFA and all the sponsors that helped put on Dent County Beef Day Thursday for third graders. He helped the Dent/Phelps Cattlemen’s Association cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the participants.

Also on Thursday, he attended an MRPC committee meeting where work was being finalized on the MRPC annual volunteer recognition banquet Oct. 24 at Stonebrooke Center in Waynesville. Judy Apperson, from Salem, will be one of the volunteers recognized at the event. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased from MRPC, 573-265-2993.

Skiles will be attending an Ozarks Rivers Solid Waste Management executive board meeting Tuesday where members will be scoring solid waste reduction and recycling grant applications.

At the meeting Thursday, commissioners heard from Richard LaBrash about the Fall Ride for America set for Oct 12. It will begin at Danny Black’s farm. For more information, contact LaBrash at 729-1394.

Labrash also presented a .22 Magnum pistol to Purcell that he won in a raffle for Ron’s Ride for a Reason at Flat Nasty. He also discussed problems veterans face in rural areas if they don’t have internet service. LaBrash would like to set up a place they can go if they need to contact the Veterans Administration online.

Alisha Brookshire also appeared before the commission to express her interest in the county assessor’s position being vacated by Tina Whitaker when she retires on Dec. 31.

Under commission reports, Purcell said crews would be grading county roads 5450, 4122 and 4150, hauling material to 6040 and cutting brush on 6500, 5105 and 6150. They were also to replace a crossover pipe on 4160 and doing ditch work on 5450.

In the Second District, Larson said crews would be grading on county roads 3220, 2510, brush cutting on 4030, and were to reopen 4480 following the completion of the low water crossing. Larson also met with Caterpillar grader representative at the highway shed Wednesday.

Larson would like to have a surplus equipment sale at the road and bridge department. He is working on list of items to sell. For information, call 729-7770.

County clerk Angie Curley reported that levies for all taxing entities have been certified to the state and are in compliance with the state auditor.