There will be a start-up organizational meeting of a C.M.A. (Christian Motorcycle Association) Chapter in Salem on Saturday at Slabs Grill on N. Highway 19. The meeting is at 12 p.m. and is open to everyone. The C.M.A. area representative will be there to meet people interested in this faith-based, world-wide organization.

Through the efforts of C.M.A. Chapters, over 7,000 motorcycles, 7,000 bicycles, 42 boats, 40 horses, two snowmobiles, 10 wheelchairs, and one camel have been donated to pastors and evangelists. This transportation assistance better equips them for the work of ministry in their countries.

This local chapter will be participating in fundraising events locally as well as state and nationwide.

Call 729-0012 for more information.