Two children missing since May of 2009 have been found and their mother arrested, according to Dent County law enforcement.

Jetta Midyett, 32, accused of child abduction, was arrested Thursday and is in custody at the Meade County Kansas Sheriff’s Department awaiting extradition to Dent County, according to Dent County Sheriff Rick Stallings and Dent County Prosecuting Attorney Sid Pearson.

Stallings said the two children, Wilman, 10, and Oliver, 7, are being held at the sheriff’s department in Meade County. They will be turned over to their father, Jason Midyett, who has legal custody, the sheriff said. No timetable was given.

Pearson said Friday morning that extradition paperwork for Jetta Midyett has been started. A second person has also been arrested, Pearson said.

Jetta Midyett is charged with two counts of child abduction after failing to turn the two boys over to their father. Jason Midyett had obtained a court order granting him custody after dissolution of marriage dated May 19, 2009.

Stallings said Meade County Sheriff Mark Miller called the Dent County Sheriff’s Department Thursday morning requesting a copy of the warrant for Jetta Midyett. He told Stallings that someone had called his office and reported they knew of Jetta Midyett’s whereabouts. Jetta Midyett was then arrested and in custody at 1 p.m. Thursday.

The search for Jetta Midyett and the children had taken on a national scope, with information on the abduction appearing on national television shows and the focus of many web sites that draw attention to child abductions.