A Dent County man is asking for more than $2.5 million in a civil suit he filed against the county, former Dent County Sheriff's Office Sergeant George Ball and Dent County Sheriff Rick Stallings.

Bobby Justice claims he was injured for life in an incident June 10, 2010, in Dent County.

The suit alleges Ball was impersonating a government official when there was no emergency at all, stated that Justice was under arrest and going to jail without issuing a citation at the scene, violated a code but refused to tell Justice with what law was broken, held him in the Dent County Jail without a warrant or probable cause warrant.

"George Ball convicted me before I went into a court setting by way of documenting his evidence from a teletype/computer system, which is wire fraud, and he did not have a probable cause warrant to treat me or any other person the way he did," according to Justice's hand-written filing.

Justice claims he was held, detained in a car, placed in a holding cell pending a warrant, all without probable cause and his right to travel was violated.

Justice wrote that to the date of the filing, April 27, 2011, he has never seen a citation.

Justice claims that he has been damaged for life and is an injured part to this claim and because of that he must be compensated.

Justice is asking for $2 million for each occurrence, $1,000 for each minute he was held and $500,000 since he has no "protection as his rights were violated."

Dent County Prosecuting Attorney Sid Pearson said the case involves Justice's arrest on a driving while revoked charge, a crime Justice pled guilty to December 7, 2010, served some time and was released March 29.

Pearson said there is no merit to the case.

"It (the suit) is very difficult to understand what he (Justice) is alleging, what rights are being violated because the complaint is not very well drafted," Pearson said.

Ball, Stallings and the county commission referred all comments to Jessica L. Liss, a St. Louis attorney who is handling the case for the county's insurance company.

Two telephone voice messages were left Wednesday with Liss's office, but they were not returned by the end of the day.

According to court records, Liss on June 13 filed a notice to remove the suit, and it was filed in Dent County Circuit Court.