First District county road crews are moving south on county road 6580 to replace another low water crossing after completing a low water crossing project near Highway 119 last week.

Commissioner Dennis Purcell said Monday the new crossing was being opened on the Highway 119 side after an upgrade and overlay. A major upgrade that includes replacing two pipes is planned at the Pigeon Creek crossing further south on the same road, he said.

The road connects with Highway AB on the other side of Pigeon Creek. Purcell said the south end of 6580 would likely be closed through Wednesday, assuming the weather allows concrete to be poured that day.

Purcell also reported that grading was planned on county roads 5500 and 5490 Monday with brush cutting on 2400, 6280 and 6283.

Second District commissioner Gary Larson said grading was planned Monday on county road 2120 with material also hauled to that site. Brush cutting is planned on 4010 if brush cutter No. 6 is repaired in time. Work is also continuing on truck No. 69 with some parts not in yet.

Presiding commissioner Darrell Skiles said he will be attending a County Commission Association of Missouri board committee meeting in Jefferson City Wednesday to interview lobbying firms to represent CCAM’s legislative priorities at the capitol next session.

At the meeting Thursday, commissioners heard a jail project update from the ShiveHattery architectural firm and Dwight Ramsburg and Nick Smith from the Septagon construction management firm. Payments for the jail project now total $7.8 million with just over $5 million remaining to be paid.

The commission reviewed several pending items, including utilities, water main, natural gas, telecommunications, monitoring stations and a panic alarm, an ADA shower area, a sewage pipe and headroom at the ADA ramp on the southeast corner. Commissioners then toured the jail.

Treasurer Denita Williams reported on CART funds, which totaled $65,293 for the month. Revenues are up about a half percent year to date.

Bids were opened on a financing for a lease/purchase agreement on a 2019 tractor/mower for the road department costing $110,000. The bid was awarded to U.S. Bank, which offered a 2.94 percent rate over 48 months.

Skiles said he attended an Ozarks Regional Solid Waste Management District meeting where grants were evaluated. A total of $193,000 is available. Applications for $295,275 were received. Grants will be awarded Oct. 1. He also said he was pleased the county received a rating of “good” in its state audit report.

Purcell reported a crew would be installing a crossover pipe on county road 6470 and hauling material to that road. Brush cutting was planned on 6490, 6540, 6550, 6560, 6545 and 2400. Maintenance is underway on a John Deere grader.

Larson said a Second District crew would be finishing up putting down chip and seal, brush cutting on 4010 and hauling brown rock.