Pep section

As the president of Student Council, my school spirit is electric with the anticipation of Friday night lights and the roar of our hometown. StuCo constantly works with students, staff and community to maximize the success of our school’s activities.

With football season right around the corner, new changes underway in Salem athletics, and 120 new students attending Salem High School, our goal is to increase the number of students sitting the Student Pep Section, cheering on the Tigers by making it more interactive with our Salem Marching Blue, and our SHS Cheer Squad.

To do this, Student Council has decided to shift our student section to the south side of the stadium, where the student body will sit below the band, and directly in front of the cheerleaders. By doing this, we are eliminating fan disruption and promoting unity between students and allowing them to express their school spirit in a fun, safe, and positive way.

Going into my last year here, I know how fast time flies while attending SHS, and the memories that I have made are the ones that I can only hope that other students will make as well. Please support us in our decision, and our Student Section will see you on Sept. 6 for the home opener of Salem Tiger Football.

Go big Blue!