The Oak Hill R-1 third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed their last “Nature Unleashed” field experience on May 8. The third and fourth graders spent the day exploring the Alley Springs area (including the Mill, spring and schoolhouse), while the fifth graders made their way through a ranger led Round Spring Cave tour.

National Park Service Interpreters hosted the classes as part of the school's participation in the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) “Nature Unleashed” educational program.  This particular curriculum, designed by MDC and carried out by teachers, helps the students in grades three to five understand Missouri ecosystems and is aligned to Missouri Learning standards.  Field experiences are an integral part of the program that take them into the ecosystems, allowing for exploration, data collection and reflection through journaling.

Starting in the ‘18-‘19 school year, Oak Hill students will participate in MDC nature programs from Kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. This is a terrific way for students to learn and experience Missouri's natural wonders from a young age, and become familiar with them before they enter the upper grades and high school.